Airdrop for Juno Stakers

2 min readOct 17, 2022

Good news continues to come from Inspirest. Last month, we published an article about current developments in Inspirest. In addition, we are adding many new goals to our roadmap this year.

Inspirest has recently joined the Cosmos Ecosystem by transitioning to Juno Network. Many technological improvements and roadmap updates were made during the transition period. We have completed the Inspirest NFT Series developments and created utilities that offer great opportunities to our ecosystem with Juno transition.

Now let’s take a closer look at our latest good news.

Juno Network Ecosystem

We have planned many Airdrops with our transition to the Cosmos ecosystem. We have also allocated a large share for Airdrops within Inspirest Tokenomics. The main purpose of our airdrop strategies is to create an integrated earnings model with our community. We will make our first airdrop within the reserved area exclusively for Juno stakers for the Juno ecosystem. We got our snapshot for Airdrop on Juno Network’s first birthday (October 1, 2022). Afterwards, we also made snapshot announcements on our social media channels. This month, we will activate our iREST Token contract and will start to distribute Airdrop Tokens in the coming period. We will also publish another article describing the technical details about the vesting, claim, etc. of the Airdrop for Juno Stakers.

Now it’s time for the next airdrops. If we give a clue about the next Airdrop, it will be for NFT owners. Together with our Inspirest community, we will continue to win.

Stay tuned for the next Airdrop Announcements.

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