Dive Deeper Into the Inspirest NFT Series (Utility Opportunities)

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As Inspirest, we have recently moved on to the Cosmos Ecosystem (Juno Network). In honor of our transition, we are starting the NFT sale, which offers valuable opportunities. We diversified the Utility parts of NFTs to create opportunities in many different areas. We have created versatile utilities, from earning in proportion to company profitability to revenue sharing in NFT sales.

Inspirest NFTs are named Juno Gravity, Osmosis Potion, Toxic Rain and Blue Moon. NFTs and utilities, which offer opportunities in 4 different areas, are explained in detail below.

Juno Gravity

Juno’s incredible gravitational pull goes beyond orbital limits to reach Inspirest. Juno Gravity brings together Juno’s powerful gravity and Inspirest fashion ecosystem. Now is the time to find out Inspirest’s unique opportunities with the powerful Juno Gravity. With Juno Gravity NFT, you can generate regular passive income within the Inspirest ecosystem in proportion to company profitability. Get ready to be a part of Inspirest and feel the gravity of Juno.

  • Utility: 1% of company profitability will be shared regularly with Juno Gravity owners. (Passive Income)

Osmosis Potion

The magic potions of Osmosis are now prepared to rediscover the magical world of Inspirest. Inspirest creates NFT designs of clothes that push the limits of imagination with fashion brands. Users who own the Osmosis Potion NFT will receive regular income from the NFT sales of the brands. Let’s create the magic potions of fashion together with Osmosis Potion.

  • Utility: 1% of the profit on NFT sales will be shared with Osmosis Potion holders on a regular basis. (Passive Income)

Toxic Rain

Are you ready to feel the intensity of Inspirest toxic rains? You seem to be hearing the powerful sound of the rain already. With the power of Toxic Rain NFT, you will enjoy the advantages of being a priority in the Inspirest universe. Users with Toxic Rain always get priority in participating in Inspirest airdrops. Rule the airdrops with the Toxic Rain NFT.

  • Utility: Toxic Rain NFT holders will always get priority in participating in the airdrops. (Passive Income)

Blue Moon

Get ready to meet the strongest state of the moon. A constant force that will guide you with its blue glow even in the most difficult moments. A source of luck that will open the door to opportunities within Inspirest. With the Blue Moon NFT, you can earn more from the reward distributions in Inspirest. Continuously multiply your rewards with the Blue Moon.

  • Utility: Blue Moon NFT holders will receive x20% more revenue in reward distribution. (Passive Income)

You can get priority in NFT purchases by filling out the form in the link below.

Link: https://forms.gle/wjVQE2bfPN1mA4Sq5

Inspirest NFTs, which provide high and regular income, are produced in limited numbers.

A certain amount of the revenue from NFTs will be used for sustainability and combating climate change.

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