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2 min readJun 10, 2022


Inspirest aims to build a smart fashion ecosystem that combines new technologies with the elements of the fashion industry as well as bring solution to under service areas in the fashion industry. Inspirest remove the universality of fashion from dependence on the laws of physics and reconstruct it in the Metaverse using digital tools. A new dimension is added to the fashion industry with the tools developed specifically for fashion within the ecosystem. Inspirest smart fashion ecosystem consists of Mobile APP, Metaverse (iMETA), Fashion as a Service (FaaS), and Digital Fashion House.

The qualities that make Inspirest valuable are style decision support mechanism, artificial intelligence (AI) based stylist, affordable and accessible fashion service, fashion oriented Metaverse, fashion-specific social tools, high level user experience and discovery.

Inspirest offers clothes, accessories, collections, and fashion trends that are personalized, unique and push the limits of imagination in the AI-based Fashion Metaverse created by the ideas of designers who bring fashion to real life. The developments to be made in the metaverse with creating the digital universe in the focus of fashion are given below.

  • Artificial intelligence modeling of the original design characteristics of stylists, fashion designers, and fashion-related artists
  • Creating artificial intelligence models in the metaverse of famous stylists, fashion designers and fashion-related artists from the past
  • Creation of NFTs of designs modeled with high technology
  • Constructing an AI-based metaverse with brands, stylists, fashion-related artists and models
  • Virtualized fashion development with collaborations of brands and fashion related artists
  • Creating virtual stores in the metaverse for brands, stylists, fashion designers and fashion-related artists
  • Shopping in the metaverse with augmented reality technology
  • Organizing digital fashion shows and events
  • Creation of virtual wardrobes
  • NFTs created by stylists, fashion designers, and fashion-related artists
  • Integrating the NFTs into the metaverse
  • Integrating the Fashion Metaverse into real life with the Inpirest Mobile App

Inspirest offers a fashion experience in the digital universe designed just for you. Get ready to challenge time and rediscover fashion that pushes the limits of imagination with the Inspirest Metaverse.

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