New Quota for TestNet Phase 3 | Total Reward $825.000

2 min readNov 8, 2022


Software and product developments process have been completed for Phase 3 of the Inspirest Mobile APP TestNet. The mobile application software was submitted to Apple Store and Android Market approval. With the approval of iOS and Android, TestNet will be launched in a short time. Many features have been added in Phase 3 to discover Inspirest in depth. The feedback of the participants in the process is very important for the development of the mobile application. TestNet tasks will also be forwarded to the participants with the approval.

Now the countdown has begun for the 3rd phase of TestNet.

In the previous article, we stated that a new quota will be created for participation in TestNet instead of participants who cannot complete the tasks in the first 2 phases. As a result of the controls made during the TestNet process, 500 new participants will be included in the TestNet, provided that a total of 5000 participants remain constant. To participate in TestNet, simply fill out the application form via the link below. In order for the participation process to be carried out in a healthy way, we recommend that the information in the form be filled in completely.

TestNet Application Form :

  • The new participant quota is 500 persons.
  • Total reward pool is $825000.
  • The total number of TestNet participants is limited to 5000 persons.
  • New participants will be randomly selected from the list.
  • It is mandatory to follow Inspirest’s Twitter, Telegram, and Discord accounts in order to participate in the TestNet process.

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