TestNet Phase 3 Starts | Total Reward $825.000

2 min readNov 2, 2022


The Mobile Application TestNet process, which we took a short break due to NFT developments, continues at full speed. In the first 2 phases of the TestNet process, which consists of 6 phases in total, many different tasks were assigned to our users, enabling them to discover the Mobile APP. Users gained many different new experiences about fashion within the Inspirest ecosystem and discovered fun new features of the Mobile APP. Thanks to the tasks in the TestNet process, we get a lot of feedback on the user experience and new improvements in the Inspirest Mobile APP. With this feedback, we move the Mobile APP to a more advanced version. Together with the feedback from our community, we are creating a new generation WEB3-based fashion universe.

On Friday, November 4th, we will transition into Phase 3 of the Inspirest TesNet process. New tasks will be announced within the TestNet that will allow our users to discover new features of the Inspirest Mobile APP. Detailed information about the process will be sent to our Testnet participants via e-mail addresses. The total reward pool of the TestNet process is $825,000. Users who will complete 6 phases will receive their share of the reward pool. Reward distribution is limited to 5000 users in total. The distribution of the rewards will begin with the listing of the DEX.

In addition, we are receiving strong requests for participation in the TestNet process. We create an additional quota to meet the requests of our community.

TestNet Website: testnet.inspirest.io

TestNet General Rules

  1. A total of $825000 worth of iREST will be distributed during the TestNet Process.
  2. It is mandatory to follow Inspirest’s Twitter and Telegram accounts in order to participate in the TestNet process.
  3. Following the Instagram account is optional and rewarded with an extra $5.
  4. It is mandatory to attend at least 4 of the 6 phases in the TestNet Process.
  5. For the Referral to be vapd, each referral must have been involved in the TestNet Process.
  6. You can include as many people as you want in the Referral process.
  7. $300 will be distributed each week by raffle among those participating in the active TestNet Phase.
  8. Participation in the TestNet Process is limited to 5000 people.

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